ACLU tells SLC Council to back off pushing gay rights group into Days of ’47 parade

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SALT LAKE CITY — The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah is telling the Salt Lake City Council to back off from sending a letter to organizers of the annual Days of ’47 parade in support of a gay rights group.

The Salt Lake City Council is considering sending a letter to organizers of the annual Pioneer Day parade, encouraging them to allow the group “Mormons Building Bridges” to march. So far, parade organizers have said no.

In a letter sent to the Salt Lake City Council and obtained by FOX 13, ACLU of Utah executive director Karen McCreary cautioned the Council against it, saying “we
believe it is a bridge too far for a governmental entity to use official tactics, like sending a letter on Council letterhead that mentions municipal code, in its attempt to influence private parade organizers to alter the makeup of their parade.”

Read the ACLU of Utah’s letter to the SLC Council here:


  • Cartman

    Wow…..the ACLU is on the right side of the “social engineering” question for a change! Did hell just freeze over?

    • Bob

      I’m amazed and flabbergasted. When it comes to morality I thought they were totally bankrupt.
      What’s with the City Council? Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

  • john merrick (@johnmerrick7)

    Better the politicians and other officials to boycott their parade if they feel they can no longer suport the overt bigotry of the parade organizers in general and the Mormon church in particular. Soon the Pride Parade will be the Biggest best attended Parade in the City.

  • Bob

    The definition of a bigot, JOHN MERRICK (@JOHNMERRICK7), is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group such as a racial or religious group.

    Are you a bigot JOHN MERRICK (@JOHNMERRICK7)?

  • ludwigvan_beethoven

    I am not sure that I understand this issue here. It seems to me that someone is trying to include the LGBT folks in the event.If that is true then that is a good thing. Is the ACLU stating not to include the LGBT folks in the event–if so that is a shocker—as a member makes me question the local group and their compliance with ACLU principals; we have always advocated for the full civil rights and equal rights of all people not just one particular group–but unfortunately many folks do not understand that and go off half cocked thinking many untruths .
    There were certainly some LGBT folks,.in 1847 then among the folks who came to Utah but as many know the LDS founders ruled their people like a intolerant iron handed corrupt dictator squashing fellow Mormon member’s civil rights with theocratic dogmas and even commiting murder in the name of God–the worst of which happen when they sent a raiding party to murder innocent people on a wagon train (supposedly headed to California) and trying to then tried to blame it on apparently allied aboriginal Americans.
    I will say that the LDS Church is not one of the most popular religious groups among the LGBT community because they have actively sought to impose their religius beliefs upon the entire populations of both straights and LGBT folks and we see this in the Prop 8 case. If the LDS Church wishes to build bridges reaching out to the LGBT community their behavior absolutely must change. Instead of serving up hatred and vinegar–it would behooved them to bring loving their neighbor as themselves and serving up honey and love.

    • Bob

      The Parade Committee reviews each application to participate based on specific guidelines that exclude anything they deem to be policical in nature. In short, they do not accept any controversial floats. Those who identify themselves as LGBT should show tolerance for those that do not share their views.

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