Exclusive: Savers employee reports signs of alleged abuse before death of Ogden toddler

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- It's been one week since police say a toddler was murdered in an Ogden motel, allegedly by the mother's boyfriend. Now, two women who saw the child before her death are speaking out.

They believe police should have stepped in sooner and the death could have been prevented.

The two women worked together at a Savers Thrift Store, located at 3833 Washington Blvd.

The baby was with her mother, two brothers and boyfriend Adam Barney shopping on Aug. 6. The two women say the child appeared neglected, dirty and bruised.

Employees first noticed 14-month-old Kensie Rose Labuy left in a stroller alone at the end of an aisle for at least 10 minutes.

Savannah Favilla took a closer look.

"She had multiple bruises on her arm, a big bump right her on the side of her head," Favilla said.

Favilla called 911.

South Ogden police responded to the store and questioned the child's mother and Barney inside the store.

"He gathered everyone together, checked the kids out, didn't notice any bruising, signs of abuse at that time," said South Ogden Chief Darren Park.

Just over two weeks later, on Aug. 25, police found the toddler dead inside the Western Colony Inn, an Ogden motel where the child's mother, boyfriend and two other kids were living.

Ogden Police say Adam Barney snapped, frustrated by kids misbehaving and dirty living conditions, and beat Kensie Rose to death. Employees at the South Ogden Savers were stunned when they saw Barney's mug shot in a text message.

"I was like β€˜oh my god,’" cried Jade Barker. "I wished we would've done more for her because it was very obvious what was going on."

"It wasn't something I just made up," Favilla added. "That baby was clearly yelling for help and they didn't give it to her."

The chief said the officer has been affected by the baby's death.

"He's been reflecting on it and continues to reflect on it, β€˜what could I have done different,’" Chief Park said.

But in the end, South Ogden police don't believe they could have legally taken further action. Investigators claim Savannah Favilla didn't want to be contacted so they had no one to follow up with and police say the evidence didn't warrant contacting the Utah Division of Child and Family Services to remove the toddler from her family.

"If we're unable to identify anything and we don't have someone saying, 'No, there's the bruise I'm talking about, this is what I'm seeing right here,' it does add some complication to it, but before you're gonna remove someone's child from their custody or care you're gonna need some strong evidence that something is going on there and when we run into situations where we do have evidence we don't hesitate contacting DCFS and start an investigation," Chief Park said.

The girl's mother, Kaci Rupert, previously told FOX 13 there were no warning signs of abuse. But the two Savers employees don't believe that and neither does the child's biological father. James Labuy said Monday he suspects Kensie Rose was abused before her death and he hopes both Ogden and South Ogden police will work together for justice for his daughter.

Meanwhile, on Aug. 6, the South Ogden officer told Favilla he would run a check on Adam Barney and if future crimes occurred, Barney would be flagged in their system.

The next alleged crime was the death of the Kensie Rose.

South Ogden police say they did run on a check on Barney and there were no warrants for his arrest or similar allegations of child abuse or child neglect.

Barney remains in the Weber County jail, charged with aggravated murder, which leaves the possibility of the death penalty. He's due back in court Sept. 3 for a bail hearing.


  • Two employees do the right thing. So bogged employees do nothing.

    This is a Sad Story when you Have two Worker Seeing This Baby Crying or LQQKING for help and once they call the police nothing is done about it I be leave the mother should also be charged with neglect or something to that nature I feel in the heart if hearts she knew something was going on and trying to cover her butt. Then we the public see something they hesitate to call the police for help for an innocent child i’m pretty sure these to have nieces nephews or their own children and can’t spot when a child needs help I hope and pray the cops are called to Something like this again they investigate further and right away I believe in my heart that this baby still would be alive today if that officer would have done his job Right,If this man was gathering his family in the hurry to get out of this store that should have been a red flag to the officer!! I πŸ‘πŸ‘ applaud both you women for trying to be that baby voice. So I hope in light of this baby death we all stand as one for the voice if this baby the day if his court hearing outside Second District Court in Ogden Utah to make sure his bail is not lower just his look alone say’s flight Risk.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Go figure that the police do nothing in cases where their intervention could actually do some good for society, but when they have the opportunity to pull the trigger they always manage to find an excuse to do so, and in the most deadly manner possible.

    Police officers, public employees whose original purpose was to serve and protect, have become nothing more than a government-funded goon squad.

    Save a child? Nope.

    Shoot an unarmed man? They’ll get right on that, and with impunity.

    And people think that I and people like myself, who question the necessity and over-reaching power these people have are the problem.


    Wake up, people.

    The only reason that these ‘officers’ are unwilling to step into abuse and bullying cases to a greater degree is that they are, for the most part, nothing more than abusive bullies themselves, and they seem to think it’s okay.

    • Bob

      Go figure Trish. Mom is more interested in a ‘shack-up honey’ to keep her bed warm, and less interested in the welfare of her children. And Trish wants to pin the blame on the police.

      On June 27, 2005 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that police do NOT have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

      • Trish Ramirez

        I do blame the police. If the Saver’s employees had called to report a shoplifter or someone smoking pot out back, you can bet something would be done about it. But because it was involving a child and a domestic situation nobody wants to get involved. It’s a ridiculous system and it needs to be changed, and simply going along with it because it’s the way it is currently done makes a person part of the problem. Learn to think for yourself. As for the Supreme Court decision regarding protecting a person from harm, that’s simply more of the same. If you are content to live in a society where were are under the thumb of fascist police officers for petty offenses but where the reported abuse of small children goes unpunished, you are more than welcome to keep your mouth shut on this issue and watch it happen over and over again.

        Personally, I believe it’s time for a change in priorities in this nation, rather than just sticking to a failing status quo.

  • bobsanidiot

    The failings of this poor child starts with the mother first and foremost. There’s no way that if these two total strangers see bruises and signs of abuse and find it bad enough to call 911 that this mother had no idea and then this police officer “sees” no signs of abuse either. Why is this waste of space “mom” not sitting in a cell next to her wonderful man? Why is this officer not on suspension for failing to protect this child? I don’t care how bad this officer “feels” he or she shares in the responsibilty period. And to the “mother” rot in he!! you stupid idiot.

    • Trish Ramirez

      You are absolutely correct. The ‘mother’ of this child needs to suffer the same fate as her unfortunate daughter, who you can only imagine endured abuse well above and beyond what ultimately cost her her life. It’s like the Ethan Stacy case – Nathan Sloop may have been the one who actually abused him to death, but his mother was the one who put him in the situation in the first place and then failed to protect him. Mothers, whether you are a single mom with an abusive boyfriend or a married mom with a husband and father that likes to get physical with your children, YOU need to be the one that protects your baby(ies). You are often their first and last line of defense, and to fail at that most basic and primitive of duties out of some kind of misguided affection for or subservience toward some dude makes you nothing more than a waste of space and a drain on society. You make babies, you protect those babies with YOUR life.

      I have absolutely no sympathy for a ‘mother’ who refuses to do her most basic duty for her child(ren) and neither should our society – because that’s ultimately what’s causing it to crumble. Children raised with no security or safety, in a constant state of anxiety, who grow up to be dysfunctional adults, perpetuating the same cycle of abuse and poor parenting.

      No man has any right to put his hands on your children, ladies. Not even a little bit. Not because they get angry. Not because your child gets on their nerves. Not because they are in the role of step-daddy. Not because you enjoy their company or because they provide you with some financial benefit.

      If you make excuses for your man, enable him in the abuse of your children, turn a blind eye, overlook little ‘accidents,’ etc, you are just as culpable as he is, and even if the legal system doesn’t hold you accountable, karma is not as forgiving.

      As for the ‘officer’ who saw no signs of abuse, he/she needs to be stripped of their badge. Clearly there WERE signs, because they were witnessed by the employees who called law enforcement in the first place. To say there were ‘no signs’ appears to be a blatant lie, and to allow these people to walk away and ultimately cost this little girl her life?? Yeah, he/she should NOT get away with impunity, and this incident should be a matter of public record, so the public should be advised as to the identity of this ineffectual police officer whose salary they pay.

      • Bob

        Your typical live in boyfriend isn’t interested in a crying child sired by another male. His only interest is in what what the mother can provide him for free. Refined women understand that concept and don’t go running from one worthless boyfriend to the next.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Really, Bob? You feel as though you have the insight to speak for ‘your typical live-in boyfriend’? There are A LOT of good guys out there that step up when daddy doesn’t want to do right by his wife or his children. You can’t lump people into general categories with any real accuracy, despite, what the local cult has been teaching you since your infancy.

        A ‘refined’ woman wouldn’t have anything to do with you.

        You keep using the word ‘refined’ and I don’t think it means what you think it means.

        In THIS situation, THIS woman needs to be strung up right next to the piece of human excrement that allegedly abused and ultimately killed her child.

        However, you like to passive-aggressively assert that all domestic problems are the fault of women, either because of their wardrobe choices or because they are too intelligent to allow themselves to be reduced to little more than breeding chattel.

        We are all responsible for ourselves and our choices. One person is not better or more worthy than the next simply because she is raising her babies with their biological father as opposed to a step-father. And just because a man is a live-in boyfriend or a step-father doesn’t mean that he can’t love the children he is raising as much as if they were his biologically.

        You may be incapable of such complex emotions towards children that didn’t start their existence in your pants, but that doesn’t mean that all human males are so un-evolved and primitive.

        Nor does it mean that women who opt to trade up from guys like you are bad people.

        This woman obviously made a terrible choice, but that doesn’t make all single mothers bad or irresponsible.

        You need to grow up.

      • Bob

        Trashy women select trashy men to associate with, have unplanned babies with them, and then move on to the next trashy man. I’m still married to my first wife, we raised our children to respect and obay the law, and wo of them are Eagle Scouts.

        Trashy men and women live in a whole other universe. I observe them and wonder at their decision making processes that have led them to a life they think is normal.

      • Trish Ramirez

        You are such a sanctimonious pr!ck.
        The details of your personal life have no bearing on anyone else, and just because your situation worked well for you doesn’t mean that any other human being is lessor for going down a different path.
        I am on my first marriage, my children are excellent students, one on her way to an Ivy League scholarship at the end of this year, the other too young for such things just yet.
        However, I don’t feel as though I or mine are better than the next simply because we have had the good fortune to accomplish what we have, and I don’t expect others to live their lives according to my personal standards, nor do I judge them for making their own personal choices.
        Also, I have NOT taught my children to obey unjust laws, but to think for themselves and to promote the change in our culture that is necessary for our society to evolve and move beyond the dark ages of religious oppression into something better, an age of reason that benefits ALL, where people are considered equals and don’t believe themselves to be better because they pray to one god or another.
        Your way of life is not better than the general way of living, just because you believe it to be so.
        An eagle scout that sits back and watches a child be abused and looks the other way because they feel as though they are lessor is not much of a benefit to society.
        These people did horrible things, but they are individuals. They are not representative of others – each person is responsible for themselves and their actions. To judge every single mother or failed marriage based upon this particular situation is infantile and quite ignorant.
        Again, your way of living does not make you and/or yours better than the next people. You need to get over your delusions and yourself if you have any hope of making this world a better place.
        Of course, people like you and your ilk don’t actually want to make the world a better place. You’d prefer than it remain in a state that you consider beneath yourself so you can feel superior, because that’s your bread and butter. You thrive on feeling better than others, and the simple fact is you’re not.
        Someone lied to you.

      • Bob

        No Trish. I simple observe the choices people make and the results those choice lead to.

        Trashy women can only relate to trashy men, and the result can only lead to trashy relationships.

      • Trish Ramirez

        What’s your definition of trashy, Bob? Non-mormon? Divorcee?

        And I love the fact that your life-long indoctrination by a patriarchal cult leads you to the conclusion that the root cause of the problem is always the woman.

      • Bob

        There’s more than one definition of trashy women Trish? Simply observe the women who assoicate with trashy men. One picture is worth a 1000 words.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Your implication is that a baby can’t be murdered at the hands of a superficially non-trashy woman or man? And you still haven’t addressed the issue that you find all of society’s ills to be the fault of women – men apparently being too inept to be blamed in your eyes.

      • Bob

        TRISH RAMIREZ – No my implication is someone would have to explain the definition of a trashy woman to you.
        Here’s a clue: When you see a woman who associates with trashy men she probably has similar traits those men find attractive.

  • Gina Glasman

    My daughter is Jade Barker and I am Savannah Favilas aunt..this tragic incident has taken a toll on both of them,they both have little girls the same age as Kenzie Rose, this has been a very difficult week for them..I went to Jades work the day they called south ogden police ..when jade told me what was going on she was devastated that this police department wasnt doing anything about this poor little girl…she said mom why is this happening she was so upset she has not been able to shake this off since that day. And then when that poor little thing was killed it ro ked Jade and Savannahs world.Jade phoned me yesterday and was upset because Kenzies mother again was at savers yesterday shopping talking and laughing on the phone…it again put Jade in a very difficult situation to have see this woman walking free enjoying her life, so I hope and pray this woman will be punished, as she should! God bless all of gods children in the world.

    • Amanda Valenzuela

      and God bless your daughter and niece for being human and caring and were the two only people who did say something is wrong here. i pray that they will find peace in the fact that apparently they were the one’s who at least tried.

  • Amanda Valenzuela

    I have dealt with DCFS/CPS twice in my life as a g-ma and a great g-ma and i can testify myself that these government agencies have taken five of my g-babies for little more than a phone call by a disturbed neighbor who was tired of them being children and running around thier own apartment, so in no way could the police not demand a well child check from these agencies. That is their job, and they love to find things such as “three young children living in a dirty motel room”!!! They would have these babies in a home waiting for foster care the minute either the mom or her boyfriend did not follow the steps they develop to become self-sufficient. I know my child and her child both followed the seemingly impossible programs, got their kids returned, and are much better parents for it. Someone should have shouted to the roof tops, a maid, a manager, anyone at that motel, and this beautiful girl would still be with us. God bless people who right or wrong, do say something.

    • Trish Ramirez

      This. That officer very well could have contacted CPS. If there was nothing to find, so what? What is the point of having mandatory reporters of abuse, or having numbers that people can call to try to get help for children if the people in higher places are not going to follow through and get the ball rolling in the right direction?

      We live in a society where if someone is seen smoking pot, they are immediately at the very least cited if not arrested, but if children are walking around filthy and bruised, police feel as though it’s not their place or duty to intervene? What kind of justice system is that?

      I’m personally appalled by the way that this particular officer’s mishandling of this situation has been handled by those who supervise HIM. He’s ‘reflecting’ upon the situation?!? What’s that supposed to mean? We live in a culture where cops can shoot and kill an unarmed citizen with impunity but can’t be bothered to do something to SAVE a life?


  • Gina Glasman

    My daughter is Jade Barker and I am Savannah Favilas aunt..this tragic incident has taken a toll on both of them,they both have little girls the same age as Kenzie Rose, this has been a very difficult week for them..I went to Jades work the day they called south ogden police ..when jade told me what was going on she was devastated that this police department wasnt doing anything about this poor little girl…she said mom why is this happening she was so upset she has not been able to shake this off since that day. And then when that poor little thing was killed it rocked Jade and Savannahs world.Jade phoned me yesterday and was upset because Kenzies mother again was at savers yesterday shopping talking and laughing on the phone…it again put Jade in a very difficult situation to have see this woman walking free enjoying her life, so I hope and pray this woman will be punished, as she should! God bless all of gods children in the world.

  • Destiny

    As soon as I saw the mother’s interview I knew something wrong, she was really quite calm for a mother whose child was just murdered. Also who in their right mind decides to move in with a man and allow him to watch their children when they have only known them for a month?

  • Tracy

    Trish, I love you. ;) Bob, I was a “trashy” GIRL. I cared nothing for myself nor did I value my life at all. Life or death meant nothing to me. I became a single teenage mother at 17. My life flipped IMMEDIATELY when that stick changed colors. I still cared nothing for myself but everything for my son – which meant I had to take care of myself enough to be alive for him. I vowed to stay single and not date for the very reason as this article demonstrates: I was afraid of bringing a man into the house. I didn’t date. I worked hard to support myself and my son. I graduated high school and attempted tech school but the time was too demanding (took too much time away from my son who was already down to ONE parent). I lived in low income housing. I drove a beat up car. I had horrible clothes because I was broke. My son had the best clothes I could afford for him (thank you grandma and grandpa through all the help you have given and still do give – this will NEVER be repaid even after a million thank yous). I didn’t accept any public assistance aside from a roof over my head with public housing at a discounted rate. YOU (those like you) were the one behind me at the grocery store who made comments to me like “oh, use all your food stamps ALREADY this month??” when I pulled out cash to pay for my groceries. YOU were the one who would refuse play dates among our children because you didn’t want my “influence” on your child. YOU were the one who would coo over my child at the store as long as I was with my mother and you thought my son was actually my little brother – only to sneer disgustedly and say “teenage parents are a disgrace” after I would smile and announce he was my son and not my brother. YOU were the teachers in college (which I later attended as my son grew and could UNDERSTAND why mom was not home) who flat out told me that I wouldn’t thrive in THEIR class because I have “too many distractions”. I met my husband (married 13 years now) as a friend. His mother had been a single mother after his father died at a very young age. My husband was raised by his loving STEP father. My husband became my husband because he could see ME and not my PICTURE…which is all you’ve ever seen of me. My husband married me and gave vows to my son at our wedding to love and protect him. He adopted my son when my son asked him to (we wanted my son – our son – to make that choice himself). My husband worked 7 days per week to put me through college and I received my bachelor degree with a 3.65 GPA (some teachers outright told me I was being graded harder because I was a non-traditional student – I.E. a woman with a family). I drove 100 miles per day for seven years to achieve my degree because we lived so far from the university. We were blessed with a daughter many years after we married. My picture now: I am a college educated WOMAN with a husband of 13 years and a 5 year old daughter whom I homeschool while my husband works to provide for us. I drive a mini-van and babysit three other kids. I run from ice-skating lessons to soccer practice to art co-ops and I volunteer my time to the community. Is my picture that you see TODAY more representative of who I am than my picture of 17 years ago? Will you see ME *now*?? Or does the cycle start all over with my now 17 year old son…? Will you allow your child to speak to him? Date him? Will you see HIM any more than you ever saw ME? To be honest… I don’t think you are WORTHY of seeing us… So move along and let us continue to thrive in the corner of your eye…

  • Monica

    Tracy, that was beautifully said & exactly what I was thinking. NO ONE has the right to judge, least of all on a PICTURE! Yes, we all make our own choices & live with the consequences but one “point in time” picture does not tell us the whole STORY. God bless you & your little family.

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