New long-term parking entrance opens at SLC Airport

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SALT LAKE CITY -- If you park at the Salt Lake City International Airport, officials want you to be aware of a new entrance to the long-term (economy) parking lot.

The new entrance remains on the left side of the airport entry road and is farther south than the old entrance. Drivers should note they will need to turn left sooner than they previously did to access the long term lot. The change was made to accommodate the construction of new car rental facilities that are part of the airport's terminal redevelopment plan.

Salt Lake City Department of Airports spokeswoman Bianca Shreeve said this is the first step in a long line of redevelopment plans.

"It's gonna be a really interesting and exciting seven to eight years, but what we're gonna be left with is an amazing facility for this community and an airport that we're all gonna be really proud of," Shreeve said.

Drivers entering the airport will notice a large hot air balloon directing them to the new entrance.

"The new entrance is thoroughly signed," said Dave Kozep, Operations Superintendent for the Salt Lake City Department of Airports. "However, drivers should be aware of this change since they will need to exit and re-enter the airport if they miss the entrance."

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