Sale of Miller Motorsports Park finalized

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah -- It's official, Tooele County voted Tuesday night to approve the sale of the Miller Motor Sports Park to Chinese company, Mitime Investment and Development Group. The group plans to make the sports park an international destination, expecting to bring $1 billion dollars to the area in the next 25 years.

The park's new name will be the Utah Motor Sports Campus. Mitime is purchasing the property from Tooele County for $20 million dollars. They are expected to invest another $2.5 million into the infrastructure.

The plan is to use the campus as a base to train Chinese people in the culture of racing, and then bring that eduction back to China, where Mitime is in the process of building five state of the art race tracks. Mitime also said it plans to maintain most if not all the employees currently working at the race track. They said no Chinese people will take American jobs. They also plan to increase their race schedule and keep their racing school.

"People who have poured their life savings into this community into this endeavor it means everything to have the continuity and the stability that this deal promises," said Chris Sloan, of the Toeele Chamber of Commerce.

The public comment portion of the meeting was unanimously in favor of the deal. However, there was one potential buyer who said at the end of the day Tooele County is losing out because they could of had more money.

Andrew Cartwright said he was willing to offer $50 million dollars for the property and he is now suing the county over their business practices.

"They have a fiduciary responsibility to Tooele, if the guy worth 2.5 billion dollars can't pull out a check book and match what I'm willing to pay we got a problem," said Cartwright.

The county said Cartwright's offer was only $22.5 million. Mitime officially takes over operations on October 31st.


  • Lou

    Could OF have more money? Don’t you guys have proofreaders? No offense to this writer, as I see this in almost every news article I read. Methinks too many people weren’t paying attention in their high school English classes.

    • Blunt

      The other offer was for $22.5 million not $50. The suppoaed other buyer, Andrew Cartwright is simply blowing smoke. He has filed a lawsuit against the county that is delaying the whole process, potentially costing jobs at the track for the 2016 season and costing the county thousands of dollars in legal fees. His proposed use of the property was to build a residential community around the track. That model has failed in every other instance it has been tried all over the country. Cartwright’s offer was effectively for the same amount of money as the Mitime offer and his plan was flawed. If Cartwright were to develop homes around the track his development would fail within a few years and the county would end up owning it again and having to fix a property that is half built. Cartwright’s interests are certainly not aligned with what is best for the county and state. This is all public record and available online at the Tooele county website

      • Chance Hales

        Well said. Cartwrong has been saying he was offering more and more money every time he is interviewed too. He needs to realize that this wasn’t an auction but a sale. A sale that directly effects the county. So that needed to be taken into account. Lots of people would be put out of work with his proposal whereas the Mitime proposal retains all the current jobs plus will likely add some in the future. Not to mention the estimated $700,000-900,000 increase in property tax value alone per year with the planned investments that Mitime proposed.

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