Teen with autism found in South Salt Lake reunited with parents

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Image courtesy South Salt Lake PD.

Image courtesy South Salt Lake PD.

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah –A teen with autism found trying to gain access to a kitchen area of a fast food restaurant Saturday has been reunited with his parents.

The teen, identified as Anthony, went missing at 6 p.m., according to a press release from South Salt Lake police.

Officers were later dispatched to a KFC at 3900 South State Street around 7 p.m. Saturday, where a teen boy was attempting to access the kitchen area.

While police in South Salt Lake initially weren’t sure who Anthony’s parents were or where he had come from, they eventually learned he lives in the Avenues area of Salt Lake City and had been reported missing to the authorities in that area after he had run from there and wound up in South Salt Lake.

Once the dots were connected, Anthony’s parents were found and they were reunited.

The teen did not have any identification¬†when police first encountered him,¬†and his limited communication skills meant police were initially asking the public for help in locating the youth’s family.



  • bob

    When I worked for Park City years ago a boy about 12 or 13 wandered into City Hall and began going from office to office and randomly rummaging through desk drawers. Including the Mayor’s office. The police were called. People were chasing the kid around the building.

    Having an autistic son myself, I recognized what was going on, and was able to establish enough communication with the boy to get him to tell me his name was “Johnny”, but nobody could get anything more out of him. Then I had the idea to ask him to WRITE DOWN his information. We got phone number, address, the name of his foster parents, his birthday, his favorite color, his dog’s name, what he had for breakfast, etc. Filled an entire page in fine print.

    Turned out he escaped from a field trip. They were frantically searching for him. The kid covered MILES in mere minutes. Just took off running.

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