Donald Trump on reporters: ‘I would never kill them’

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By Theodore Schleifer


WASHINGTON (CNN) — Even Donald Trump has limits.

The Republican front-runner — who frequently lambasts the media as “scum” or “horrible” — reassured reporters at rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday that he had no desire to execute the press who cover him.

“I hate some of these people, I hate ’em,” Trump told the crowd. “I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

Then he decided to reconsider.

“Uh, let’s see, uh?” he said aloud, his voice rising. “No, I would never do that.”

Trump’s comments on journalists came after he spoke about Russian President Vladimir Putin, who lavished Trump with praise last week.

Claims that Putin ordered the killings of Russian journalists are well-documented, but Trump has argued that those deaths are disputed and without evidence.

Trump did charge once again that some of the reporters in the back of the room are “such lying disgusting people,” but as the crowd turned to angrily face those reporters, Trump pulled them back.

“But no, I would never kill them,” he said. “I think that would be despicable.”



  • Cornelius

    The fact that he even has to answer this question is proof of the circus that the GOP primary has become – mostly due to the actions and statements of this candidate.


    Yeah,the democrats are so much better right?
    Blaming terrorism on videos,killing babies and selling the body parts,vilify the military and condone the killing of police,incite riots and the burning of neighborhoods,killing traditional marriage,spending like we have NO budget,giving huge tax refunds to illegals,open borders for terrorists and those who wish to kill americans en mass.You liberal scum make me sick,literally.You are so quick to overlook ALL of your parties indiscretions and highlight the least little thing the GOP does.Pull your heads out.

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