Cell phone video captures man pull out a gun in Murray McDonald’s drive-thru

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MURRAY, Utah -- Cell phone video captured a man pull a gun out in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s restaurant at the corner of 4500 South and 300 West in Murray Sunday.

"Right there looks like he was actually serious about to do something,” said Michela Spikes, watching cell phone video of the altercation.

Spikes was working back in the kitchen on Sunday at 2:30 a.m. when a fight started over a customer’s order.

"It makes you think, if he was going to shoot one person, how do we know he wasn't going to jump through and do the rest,” Spikes questioned. “I've got a 15-month-old son I got to think about."

The video showed three men getting out of a white Subaru Outback after driving about 40 feet away from the drive-up window. The YouTube footage is available below.

WARNING: The footage below contains several instances of profanity, viewer discretion is advised. 

An employee, who Spikes identified as Angel, yelled back and forth with the group. As the argument escalated, the video shows the driver of the Subaru get out of his car with a gun, walking back toward the drive-up window, pointing it inside.

"That guy right there, he's the one who stopped it from getting worse -- the guy in the grey sweatshirt,” Spikes said, referring to one of the men from the Subaru Outback who stepped in front of the man with the gun and pushed him back toward the car.

Murray police are investigating the incident.

Authorities say they have both the license plate number from the Subaru and a copy of the video. So far, no arrests have been made.

If anyone recognizes the individuals in the video, they are asked to call Murray police at 801-840-4000.


      • Randy

        I really wish you race baiters would just stop it with this “If he was black” nonsense. Quit being such a drama queen. The police are investigating and I’m certain an arrest will be made.

    • James

      If it were a group of black men people would have been shot already. You are correct, arrest would have been made already and yes Black lives matter nut jobs would have been out protesting against the wrongful arrest. So yes in theory you are correct

  • Joe

    Utah License plate: Y991VK
    Your mommy now screwed for loaning you her car and your daddy’s screwed because he didn’t lock up his gun. Good job! Millennials – what is wrong with these kids. Go to prison over McDonalds?! ya you are dumb!

    • Bob of all Bobs

      Yep. sounds like a typical gun owner. Forgetting or unwilling to lock up their guns so then their kids get a hold of them. If the gun does belong to the parents, they too should go to jail and pay a fine and be on a no gun list.

  • Big Mo C bloc Folsom #435332

    Have fun rotting in jail for 5 years tough guy. You’re gangsta huh? We’ll see how gangsta you are when your 145lb scrawny you know what is getting raped by Tyrone and the homies in D bloc. Sounds crazy, right? Well, sorry to tell you, that’s the reality you’re facing you gangsta you.

  • MR

    how hard is it to do a little detective work, run the plates and arrest these guys immediately? Get it together Utah police!!!

  • jeansjean

    Ill bet they dont get any jail time, they are white males whos parents are probably dominant members of the LDS church….theyll get probation if they GET ANYTHING at all

  • Jim

    Now imagine if those kids were any other race, swat teams would had raided their houses by now, smh… Fox protecting the whites once again…

  • mr

    Murray Police you’d better arrest this guy before this story goes national and is an embarrassment to the community.

    • Burke Nixon

      Idk why people think that is me?? 😂 Like for real? Who the hell are you? Did you see a random person off Facebook and just say hey that’s him? 😂 Delete this comment pal

  • Zaneyo

    WTF?! TELL ME ONE THING!!! If these people were black or hispanic the address attached to the license plate number of the car would be swarmed by SWAT teams within hours. How is it possible that no arrests have been yet with such a clear picture of this guys face and the license plate for the car? Judging by the way these kids are dressed, typical wannabe suburban white kids, that car is either his or his Mom or Dad’s car. So again, why have no arrests been made yet? The local Police Dept. better make an arrest quick because this has white privilege written allll over it.

  • Burke Nixon

    Sorry everyone but that is not me in this video.. I’d really appreciate people stop associating me with it as well and tagging me eric. and I do understand why people would you’re all good people I’d do the same. I have nothing to do with this nor this dumbass kid whos involved in this. Thanks. If anyone has any questions Burke Nixon is my Facebook name feel free to message me. Everyone have a blessed night

    • Passerby

      KSL disabled their comments a couple days after they posted the story. They didn’t even post the video like sites across the country have. You would think a local station/site would post the video but no, they attached a generic picture of a McDonalds to go with it. Something is definitely wrong with this story. Maybe the kid is linked to state officials, maybe a cop, etc. I would think they’d want to get this guy off the streets before kills someone. He pointed the gun at a person and was a trigger pull away from doing some serious damage. They have his license plate, his face on video, his friends faces on video. What else do they need? We need an update!

      • Brady

        Yes that’s what a lot of people are wondering. I thought it was strange KSL shut down the comments just after a few days. I don’t think they realize how many people would pick this story up. The original LiveLeak video has over 120,000 views now and over 1600 comments. People want to see an arrest made but were all left to wonder why or if one has been made. I e-mailed fox13 requesting an update and got no reply. Maybe try contacting MATT MCDONALD (the reporter on this story) through his twitter or facebook. I would but I am not on social media.


    BRADY – that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll reach out to the reporter. The guy in this video doesn’t deserve a pass but it looks like he’s getting one. I wish the national media would pick this up and report on it. Expose some of the crap related to it. And I say crap because it’s been weeks and nothing – no arrest, no updates, no nothing. I’m tempted to go to the McDonald’s and see if I can find something out. Part of me wants this guy caught for the crime itself, but another part of me wants him caught to expose the injustice, whether by the police dept or the kids family or whoever it is who’s trying to sweep this under the rug until we forget about the story. I know had this been me in the video, the cops would be at my door that same night and my information blasted online.


      BRADY – Onr more thing. I commented on Gephardt Approved Facebook page and they deleted my comment. I wasn’t being disrespectful but asked if they heard of an update. And, nothing! Just deleted my comment.

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