14,000 turn out for Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke in Salt Lake City at a rally at This is the Place Heritage Park on Friday.

Park officials estimate more than 14,000 were there for the rally, where the Vermont senator spoke on topics ranging from a free education, racial equality, immigration, and pay equity to climate change and the shrinking middle class.

"We're talking about making public colleges and universities tuition free!" Sanders said to cheers from the crowd. "Is this a radical idea? No, it's not. It really isn't, it's very common-sensical."

For many of the people in the crowd, Sanders was preaching to the choir.

"He is the true spirit of the progressive movement. He's the candidate we need," said Donald Aguirre.

Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, said she is backing Sanders in Tuesday's Democratic caucus. Sanders is campaigning hard in Utah to win the 37 delegate votes from the state at the national convention.

"I think it's important that people take the state of Utah seriously and the number of people I've seen come out for Bernie Sanders gives me hope," Romero said.

Sanders is expected to be back in Salt Lake City on Monday.

Use the video player above to watch a recap of the speech.


  • 8ch

    How ironic that he holds his rally at this location. This is the Place State Park represents a group of people seeking freedom from government, and his rally will be about giving all the control back to the government.

      • James Kihn

        For all of you who nothing about Socialism, first of all Bernie is not a socialist. There are more types of government in the world than what most American’s are used to. I can say this because only because I spent a good part of my life living/growing up in Germany. Social Democracy is what made Germany a great country after their idiotic mistake of electing Hitler (Trump) as their leader. Do we need to have a Hitler before things get better? Just think of this the next time you drive a German car or buy any German product that it was made by a socialist democracy. They have practically no national debt, rank in the top 5 in education, have free universities, 30 days paid vacation and the list goes on. Germany by the way pays it’s students to study abroad in the USA, I know this first hand thus I live here while my children attend US colleges. :-)

      • David Whittington

        Yo James Kihn My Boy: The USA spends $600 billion per year on the US military. Germany spends a mere $46 billion per year on the German military. The US military is defending the ENTIRE free world with its strong military. Take away the US military, and Putin would quickly make Germany part of Russia. So all you socialist clowns who try to make the argument ‘socialism works in Europe – so it should also work in the USA’ are simply WRONG. The USA cannot AFFORD socialism. Socialist governments make entitlement promises to its citizens that simply cannot be paid. The four “PIGS” socialist countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) are totally broke and all this threatens the collapse of the European Union. Greece has already had rioting in the streets over entitlements the Greek government simply cannot pay. Socialism is a CANCER that erodes a country from the inside out. It is creeping socialism that has caused the US national debt to balloon to almost $19 trillion dollars. US government hand-out programs and unfunded entitlements need to be REDUCED – not increased as the senile Bernie Sanders advocates. Thomas Jefferson was the author of the US Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson authored much of the US Constitution. It was Thomas Jefferson who famously stated: “That government is best which governs LEAST.” Jefferson advocated for low taxes and free enterprise and a SMALL government – yet we now have high taxes and over 22 million American citizens working for state and federal governments. Government employees are NEVER fired and they get cushy benefits and early retirements and EVERY penny paid to these 22 million people is extracted from the paychecks of workers in the private sector. Thomas Jefferson is now turning over in his grave. Creeping socialism and unfunded entitlements have put the USA on a path to ruin. It is simply absurd to think about electing a socialist clown like Bernie Sanders to the White House …and lucky for America Bernie has NO chance of ever becoming President ! I would encourage all you socialist comrades who post your socialist propaganda here to go read a book.

      • Lucas Kirby

        Interesting David Wittington. Isn’t it funny how it’s okay for the government to be massively in favor of spending our money abroad, yet those who want smaller government aren’t for having our money be spent here. Your opinions, while entitled, are based off fear that your grandpa said socialism is bad. Any extreme form of any government system is bad. You know, much like we have now. You ever think about the concept of money velocity? Our money velocity is worse now than it was before and during the great depression. Why? Because this BS notion of trickle down economics has done nothing but stifle spending because the more money you have, the less of a percentage of it you spend. A middle class citizen spends all, if not more money than what they bring in. If you make 10 million this year, how much are you going to spend vs stuffing it into a bank, underneath your pillow or overseas? I take it you like the way things are? If not, how do we fix it? Within the corrupt system we are in?

        So, while full blown socialism may be a bad idea, democratic socialism is not! And while capitalism may be a good thing. Predatory capitalism, or oligarchy capitalism, which is exactly what we have now, is most certainly not. So, unless you’re sitting on some mountain of money, then I’m not sure why you remain to be ignorant on simple truths.

      • freewilltwo

        James Kihn reply is not accurate..Germany has the highest debt in that entire region at, 2,901,845, the UK is,2,733,016, German debt has increased year after year since 1991, socialism kills the mind..i just searched the debt so now you know,

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  • David Whittington

    Bernie Sanders is an avowed Socialist. Socialism and Marxism are the same thing – ergo Bernie is a Marxist. Marxism has failed miserably all around the world. The fact Bernie could receive ANY votes at all for ANY office underscores the abject failure of American public education. Any people voting for Bernie or any people standing in some crowd listening to Bernie speak are simply undereducated fools. Go read a book.

    • James

      “Socialism and Marxism are the same thing”
      No, they’re not, and you have no idea what you’re talking about. It would literally take you 15 seconds of Googling to read up on this stuff and educate yourself.

    • Sam

      Socialism and Democratic Socialism are two separate ideologies. Bernie is in root of Democratic Socialism. It’s embarrassing to see people make such bold, vacuous remarks like this haha

    • funtabulousbee

      Multiple developed countries including Germany, Sweden, Canada, and others have socialist policies that are thriving and helping their nation’s economy grow. Here in the USA we have socialist polices as well (e.g. infrastructure, social security, medicare/medicaid, etc). Socialism works unless it is under a dictatorship like Venezuela, but within a democratic system there is yet to be one nation suffering. Furthermore, Bernie supporters are a diverse group of people ranging in education, economic status, and ethnic background. Bernie is honest, funded solely by individual contributors (he is not bought by corporations or a political puppet), and his record dates back to the civil rights movement. He has always worked to help people achieve a higher quality of life. What is even better, Bernie has the courage to stand for what is right and humane.

    • Becky

      Why no, what you’re referring to is the line to clock in for employees at WalMart who can’t afford an education to get away from WalMart because they’re paid $8/hr.

    • Becky

      I believe the place you’re referring to is called jail or prison, where private corporations are currently making money off of the incarcerated.

  • workingforyou

    Come on folks, let the people show up to who they want to see. Its not going to hurt you to let others support who they want. Have fun at the rally for the canidate you want to support. Get out, Vote, and have a nice day.

    • Becky

      Good for you. Less expensive than medication these days, and with fewer side effects too! Maybe I’ll try it someday when it’s legal in this state and generating tax dollars. I really think that’d help the economy. For now I’m just gonna support Bernie Sanders and focus on the real issues instead.

  • Paul Dav

    So where is the massive Hillary Rally ?? If she is winning by a landslide…where is it?
    Oh thats right…she uses rigged machines.

    look at vote totals, then her crowds….ya, something more than ‘fishy’

  • Lee

    Not sure why your captions and news anchors said hundreds while the reporter out in the field and all other reports said thousands attended the rally. .

  • Spring

    <3 Bernie! Thank you SO MUCH for coming to SLC! Even if I couldn't SEE you from behind 20K of our wonderful citizens. KEEP Bernin'!

    • Max

      I was there. Tens of thousands would be more accurate. The police and secret service stopped letting people through security at 15000 with thousands still in line

  • Lucas Kirby

    I think it’s great how most of the comments in this thread are to defend Bernie Sanders, the only honest, hard working, selfless candidate running for president. Why is it great to see? Because the majority of the comments are for Sanders… on a conservative forum! Bernie is winning, even if the system is rigged against him.

  • Shaniya

    You have all sorts of wrong info, not that I’m surprised, it’s fox 13. There were FOURTEEN THOUSAND not hundreds, today is Friday not Monday (;

  • Karen M.

    Hundreds? Come on, don’t be ridiculous with your graphics and description. There were hundreds already gathered hours before the rally started. They couldn’t fit everyone into the venue, which I heard could hold 15,000. I walked over from Research Park and stood in one of the overflow areas with several hundred people.

  • Lindsey

    Why does the banner read “hundreds” when they themselves say 10,000 during the video ad when 10,000 people were really there? Blantant.

  • Jason Peterson

    Moderate Republicans (if such a thing exists anymore) need to realize that their best chance to avoid having to choose between Trump and Clinton in November is to vote or caucus for Bernie.

  • The Grand Wazoo

    Senator Sanders is no socialist and no commie. He is a Democrat with a 30-year career of public service who is loved by his constituents. As a Senator, Sanders seems to be a true and courageous leader and consensus builder.

    Sanders seems a socially-conscious man who wants a free and fair market that allows for the exceptional among us to be exceptional. However, while supporting, promoting and promulgating this, he wants a more democratic tax code that attacks corporate off-shore banking head-on to bring those funds into our banks and tax base. That is pro-American. Look, not all of us are exceptional and Sanders doesn’t want to punish the few/exceptional among us (the 1%) – he just wants a system that doesn’t burn the average American. That is pro-American.

    Our present system burns the average American. Our present system is unfair and prejudices in favor of the elite rich and their dividend-paying, tax-evading corporations. If we stop waging fake wars and focus on AMERICA, I have zero problem with all Americans being ENTITLED to a pension, free K-16 education and free healthcare. Really – why the hell not? We have the money, revenues and need. On a personal note, My father worked his whole life and was a great business success. He was a frugal man who saved and took care of his family but when my mother became terminally ill, the medical bills pretty much bankrupted him and he was not left with enough money for his retirement. That is an unAmerican shame because he had his retirement planned well and saved plenty for that ‘rainy day’.

    So, a healthy, educated citizenry is better for the economy and the QUALITY OF OUR LIVES. On military, Sanders is addressing a corrupt ‘military industry’ of firms that contract with the government; Haliburton, XE, Blackwater, Academi, etc who are cogs in a machine that costs us billions of dollars that need to be better spent here at home.

    In the end, I see Sanders as (a) pro-worker, (b) anti-corruption, (c) pro-education, (d) pro-health, (e) a good man and patriot. Look harder folks. I think Sanders might be great for America and is proving what he is made of.

    Last, when I look back on the last 50 years objectively, the Democrats have done more to improve the lives of Americans than the Republicans. Period. The Republicans have wasted more blood and treasure on war and have caused more damage to our Country with corruption and illegal wars than the Democrats. The Democrats are constantly left to clean up the mess of the Republicans both at home and abroad and they are simply ‘better Americans’ than the GOP. After the Bush Adminstration’s abject hubris, lies and damage to this Country, so-called Conservatives could be less audacious and grateful that the Dems are here for them time and time again.

    They really do deserve our thanks, after all.

    By now, I am still on the fence with Bernie, but I am enjoying getting to know him. I dislike Hillary, but I have also disliked bosses who were very good at their jobs. In 45 years of public service and despite all of the witch-hunting with Hillary – I absolutely am certain that she is a better choice than Trump (life long liar and phoney), Cruz (mentally ill radical) or Kasich (phoney and a jerk).

    Last, I sure like Elizabeth Warren and wish she was running; a no-nonsense, smart, articulate and capable woman!

    • bob

      The definition of “slavery” is taking the fruits of a person’s labor by force or threat in order to give them to someone who didn’t earn them.

  • bob

    How many would have showed up if it wasn’t within walking distance of the Avenues? That was the sum total of ALL of Utah’s Berniebots, plus the ones who were bused in by Soros.

    The communists lost. Condolences.

  • joe schmoe

    It really doesn’t matter how many people were there to me..I’m rolling the dice and getting away from the career politicans…TRUMP 2016!

  • west Martin

    I thought we were to talk about insecurity which donald talk about every time. For those who doesn’t know. donald need to stop illegals immigration by building the wall as you all know our southern border could be a source of everything without security since we have drug Lord you should think about Isis too . They can get in here through the same by bribe. We need secure border first then economice you do not vote ok but who truth will vote .

  • russ

    james kihn if German education is so good why send your children abroad to get educated in U.S. because it’s free? We the taxpayers will pay for it,but not for long we will send them home Nein Nein

  • Ryann Marie

    Looking forward to voting for a representative who cares about the environment and recognizes that global warming is real, wants equality for all cultures of people in this country, acknowledges the extreme importance of women’s rights, LGBT rights, affordable healthcare, disabling tax loop holes for billionaires and corporations, educating the youth, investing in the rebuilding of our own countries cities, will disable the war on drugs and reform the prison systems, will demilitarize the local police departments and one who acknowledges the active racism and fascism going on in our country today. It brought tears to my eyes to hear a representative speak with such truth and absolute humanity. I’m so thankful for my right to vote and to have a candidate that I feel great voting for. Thank you Bernie Sanders! #LOVETRUMPSHATE #THEBURNFEELSGOOD

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