SLC mayor bans business travel to 2 states over anti-LGBT legislation

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Mayor Jackie Biskupski, the first openly gay mayor in Salt Lake City history, banned city-sponsored travel to North Carolina and Mississippi over their recently passed anti-LGBT legislation.

"For me it's a little bit personal," said Biskupski, explaining she has a niece living in North Carolina who is impacted by the legislation.

Biskupski said leaders around the country need to take a stand and send a message, not just to North Carolina and Mississippi, but to their own constituents.

"I think that's part of what even drove me to become an elected official is all the negative impacts on my personal life that were holding me back," Biskupski said.

Not everyone in Salt Lake City agrees with Biskupski.

"Not everyone in this state is gay -- just because she is, does not mean the rest us of are,” said Salt Lake City resident Marla Foote. “And she should not shove her opinions on the rest of the city."

Foote lives on 900 South in the stretch the city is considering renaming Harvey Milk Boulevard, after the prominent gay rights activist and California politician assassinated in 1978.

"The man has no connection to Utah, he did nothing for Utah.  He's not a Utah native son, so why are we naming the street for him," Foote questioned.

Salt Lake City councilman Stan Penhold said Harvey Milk means a lot to many Utahns.

"Harvey Milk was one of the first people that said you can be out, you can be gay and you can be very active in the political process and that's a good thing," Penhold said.

The city already has streets named for Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Chris

    I love the tile “first openly gay”. I know who was the first, as liberal as he is why doesn’t he open up about it? I she ashamed? New mayor bans travel to to 2 states, where is the tolerance they preach? I guess it is one sided.

  • entitlement now

    What a complete abuse of a public office.
    I find its true that this is what happenes when we dont vote.
    Think back how she interviewed slc staff and fired everyone that didnt “share” her beliefs? History often tries to repeat its self.

  • TBM

    In my Ward they teach us that the Mayor lives a sinful, life. And that she is unhappy. And that she wont to goto heaven because she is unworthy to receive the necessary ordinances.
    Either there is something really wrong with the Mayor, or there is really something wrong with my Church?

    • liberalssuck

      Nothing wrong with your church,If you are even asking that question,why are you going to “your church”?
      The bible states its position very clearly in the LGBT lifestyle.

      • Anotherbob

        The bible gives its position on a lot of things it considers to be evil in addition to gays, yet I don’t see you conservatives fighting tooth and nail over all of those… For the record I can’t stand our mayor but I also don’t agree with these recently passed laws either. Judging/discriminating against someone who lives a lifestyle you don’t agree with is NOT very Christ-like now is it? We should be judging the mayor because she’s a terrible mayor, not because of her lifestyle you don’t agree with.

      • Stewart McDonald

        Deviate sexual behavior and immorality aren’t Christ-like Anotherbob, and Jesus never preached tolerance for evil.


      Salt Lake City’s lesbian mayor is confused about her sexuality …… as are you. It is pretty sad when sexual deviants can’t figure out where they belong in the LGBTQQIP2SAA community, and it is even sadder that they discriminate against pedophiles. I’d think you’d accept everybody in your community TBM.

      • TBM

        But Jesus taught us not to Judge. But my Church tells us to judge and condemn. It doesnt feel right to me.


        Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple with a whip, and told the prostitue to sin no more TBM. You don’t honestly think He condones deviate sexual behavior do you?

    • Spencer Reid

      It’s a 2 sided issue. Your ward should be teaching Acceptance. The Church I was raised in told us that you didn’t have to belong specific church to be acceptable to go to heaven, That as long as you accept god in to your life you would go to heaven. Heaven isn’t reserved for members of just 1 specific Church, When the Church you worship at tells you that Specific people will not go to heaven isn’t that just like what the Mayor is doing practicing Hatred and alienation


        No Spencer you ward should not be teaching acceptance of immorality and deviate behavior. The Lord didn’t accept it and so why should we?

  • liberalssuck

    This is the tolerance that the LGBT crowd wanted so badly.Now that we have a homosexual in the white house….they want dominance.
    This will keep advancing as well as the attempted destruction of all religious opposition to their perverted lifestyle(yeah you heard me,I am entitled to my opinion as well as you/no I AM NOT LDS by the way).


    The real question is when is Biskupski going to marry her girl friend and make an honest woman out of her?

  • Mimi

    I new that lady would start doing stuff like that once she became mayor. I am so glad I don’t live or work in SLC!

  • C

    Hmmm. Why is there not a Brigham Young or a Joseph Smith street in SLC? If there is going to be a Harvey Milk street, why is there no Joseph Smith Avenue?
    Looking for a coherent argument, not a pinhead diatribe.

  • NotABob

    Does SLC really send that many city employees on business trips to North Carolina and Mississippi? I really don’t think they are too worried about the $0 in lost revenue. On a side note, I will be banning all travel to SLC and will not spend a dime on businesses there.

    • Bob no more

      Yes. It looks like it’s time to download a map of city boundaries so I make sure I avoid spending any money there.

      • bob

        It’s about social justice warriors putting on a show for other SJWs. Nobody in Mississippi will notice, or care even if they do.

        Fix the potholes. That’s all I ask of local government. I’ll decide what to be outraged about on my own.


      Sexual deviates will never find true love in a men’s bathroom Bob. AIDS maybe but never true love.

  • bob

    Now more Salt Lake City Government junkets to Biloxi? How will they survive?

    I’m so tired of SJWs who can’t let other people live their lives.

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