Top tech-gadgets of 2017

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As we say hello to 2017 and welcome 2018, it's nice to take a look at what made people go crazy during the past year, such as technology.

Here's a list of The Social Geek Jesse Stay's Top Technology of 2017:

  • iPhone 8 Plus: Not as powerful as the iPhone X, but a more affordable phone that packs a punch - from $799
  • Apple Airpods: I carry these earbuds everywhere. Very easy and convenient to wear with good sound - $159
  • Google Pixel 2 XL: Google's answer to the iPhone 8 Plus - works heavily on Google Assistant - from $874
  • Google Pixel Buds: Google's answer to Airpods (both Apple and Google are starting to remove the earphone jack) - $159
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: More comparable to the iPhone X than iPhone 8, this won almost all of my tests for phone cameras and phone speed. Very powerful phone that runs Android, if you use the Android ecosystem - from $899
  • Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's latest portable and permanent console - $299.99
  • Pioneer Rayz earbuds: I've reviewed these before - by far the best sounding and best earphone technology on the market - from $99.95
  • Pioneer Rayz conference speaker: similar technology to the Pioneer Rayz, this turns your phone into a powerful speakerphone - $99.95
  • Ethereum: Similar to Bitcoin, but more useful - I will be sharing an offer on the show that will get people $10 in free Bitcoin (that they can convert to Ethereum) by just signing up for They'll need to use this link to get the $10:

You can find more by Jesse on his website at or on Twitter @jesse

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