BreakOut School gives boys a real-world, hands-on education

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BreakOut School serves the needs of ADHD students, grades 4-8, in the areas of academics, entrepreneurship and social/ emotional/ physical learning in on-traditional venues including forests, wilderness, museums, libraries, businesses, community recreation areas, parks and residences.

The school was founded by a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Dallin Richardson and his wife Jennifer, who raised two children with ADHD.

Many boys with ADHD don't do well in traditional classrooms, Dr. Richardson found, so this school gives the boys a real-world, hands-on education and teaches them to be entrepreneurs.

They emphasize physical fitness, which research has shown to improve executive brain function in children with ADHD.

BreakOut School also holds several Adventure Camps during the summer.

Student Nathan Whipple joined the Richardsons to talk about his experience in the school.

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