Three Utah cities are among the top “boomtowns” of America in 2019

File photo: Outside the 5th District Courthouse in St. George, Utah, Feb. 10, 2017 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

Three cities in Utah are growing more than nearly every city in the nation.

Financial planning website SmartAsset lists Orem, St. George, and Layton on its list of “top boomtowns” of 2019.

Orem achieved the highest rank of any city in Utah, coming in at 18 out of 50.

St. George is ranked 21 and Layton is ranked close behind at 25.

Overall, the west and the south of the U.S. were strongly represented in the study.

The study measured factors of the cities’ growth. The factors include population change, unemployment rate, and growth in business and housing.

Orem’s place as a boomtown is helped by its better-than-most average yearly GDP growth of 5.78 percent.

Only three other cities on this list of boomtowns had a higher percentage for its average GDP growth than Orem.

The top three cities on the list are Longmont, Colo., Denton, Texas, and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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