Dan is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, which at the time was one of the top broadcasting programs in the country. (Hopefully that won’t give away his age!)

Dan started his career in Yakima, Washington. His job then took him to Palm Springs and Jacksonville, Florida before heading back to Salt Lake City. Dan actually attended East High School for a while.

A funny story Dan wanted to share, his wife actually thought she was marrying a doctor. Dan started out at Cal State studying pre-med but once he met his wife, he switched to broadcasting. She still married him and now they are the proud parents of four wonderful children.

The outdoors is where you will find Dan when he is not behind the anchor desk. He loves to motocross, snow ski, water ski, surf and anything else that has to do with the water.

Recent Articles
  • Blooper! Fox 13 anchors Kerri and Dan in the dark… literally

    Fox 13 had a little power blip Monday morning during Good Day Utah. Kerri and Dan were in the dark, literally this time. Luckily the back up generator kicked on, as you can hear in the background, and they could continue with the show.

  • Blooper: Oops! Anchor Dan Evans shows up late for morning newscast

    Guess Fox 13 Good Day Utah anchor Dan Evans thought Daylight Saving Time ended already. He rolled in late Friday morning and missed the start of Good Day Utah. Evans did manage to score a sweet parking spot though.

  • State, federal laws create web of complications for Utahns seeking medicinal cannabis

    SALT LAKE CITY – Utah made history last year when lawmakers passed “Charlee’s Law”, which allows Utahns to possess an extract from marijuana plants that has shown promise in treating children who suffer from various forms of epilepsy. The law has been in effect for seven months now, and several Utah families want access to the cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD. The issue is that the oil is in short supply, and even for families that can find it: […]

  • When it comes to gaming high, Utah man holds the Guinness World Record

    PROVO, Utah — A video game enthusiast from Provo has elevated his game–literally. William Cruz of Provo recently traveled to the Mt. Everest region to play the newly released “Far Cry 4” at the highest altitude ever recorded for a console video gaming session. The company behind the game, Ubisoft, sponsored a contest to find the one who would set the record. Cruz won the contest by submitting a video showcasing his hiking and gaming abilities. Cruz’s wife, Allison, said […]

  • BLOOPER: What happened to Dan Evan’s lip?

    If you have watched Fox 13 lately, you have probably noticed something on anchor Dan Evan’s lip. No, he didn’t have work done. He had a bit of a skateboarding accident which ended with his face catching his fall on the pavement. Dan said he almost landed the greatest skateboarding trick ever… almost. Send him your well wishes for a speedy recovery below.

  • Proposal would allow Utah hunters to take more bobcats

    SALT LAKE CITY – Officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are proposing some changes to the rules regarding bobcats during the upcoming hunting and trapping season. Wildlife biologists track bobcat populations by noting how many young bobcats are taken each year, how many females are taken, how long a trap is in place before it catches a bobcat and the survival rate of the adult bobcat population. Mark Hadley of the Division of Wildlife Resources spoke about the […]

  • Researchers examine mortality rate of Mormon pioneers

    PROVO, Utah – Many Utahns are familiar with the hardships faced by the Mormon pioneers who crossed the plains to come to Utah, and now researchers have examined the mortality rates of those pioneers and found that the trip may not have been as deadly as some may think. Mel Bashore is a retired historian and librarian who worked with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he spoke about the mortality rate. “Most everybody who started, got […]

  • Researchers examine benefits of regular fasting

    SALT LAKE CITY – Researchers at Intermountain Medical Center have been looking at fasting in relation to chronic conditions like coronary diseases and diabetes, and they say fasting routinely can be beneficial. Benjamin Horne is a genetic epidemiologist, and he spoke about the study. “In this study we had people fasting once a week for 24 hours, drinking water only,” he said. The study followed 12 pre-diabetic men and women between the ages of 30 and 69 for six weeks. […]

  • New program helps canines, inmates and military veterans

    SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Department of Corrections is working with a group called Canines with a Cause to help incarcerated women, shelter dogs and military veterans. The new program is the second of its kind in the country, and it uses dogs to help veterans who struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. Director of Training Shaun Woodard said animals can be a source of therapy for some. “We stepped out and said, ‘We believe that dogs can help,’ […]

  • Davis County Sheriff’s Office celebrates 160 years

    DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – The Davis County Sheriff’s Office is celebrating 160 years of service by digging into their archives and exploring their history. In those 160 years, the office has grown from two deputies to a staff of more than 300. Sheriff Todd Richardson spoke about their historical efforts. “We’ve been putting together kind of a timeline of things that have occurred in the past,” he said. “…we found other stories that were up to the ‘50s and ‘60s […]

  • Organization grants wish for teen who battled cancer

    SALT LAKE CITY — It was a special day at West High School Friday, as representatives from Make A Wish Utah were surprise guests at a school assembly. The wish granters were there for Andy Nyguen, who has battled leukemia through five sessions of chemotherapy. Andy said he is feeling better now, but he missed dancing while he was in treatment. “I like to dance so much I joined the crew they have here at school, so like every assembly […]

  • UVU student’s award-winning synthesizer lets light control sound

    OREM, Utah – A student at Utah Valley University has created a digital device that uses light to control music. UVU senior Drew Cordova created a synthesizer he calls the phototroph rhythm synth, and unlike traditional synthesizers that are controlled by keyboards, his responds to changes in the amount of light. “Simply wave your hand over it or a flashlight, and it changes the sounds that comes out of the synthesizer,” he said. Cordova said he came up with the […]

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